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Red Grapes Juice no alcohol from Sangiovese red grapes

Our juice is obtained by pressing the Sangiovese red grape berries. The free-run must is stored in a barrel and left there for one night to let the coarser particles decant and settle in order to obtain a clearer juice, but avoiding the start of the fermentation process.
The juice is then pasteurised at a minimum temperature of 92° and bottled. No sugar or water are added, grape juice is the one and only ingredient.
Our juice is an energising drink, high in sugar, completely non-alcoholic and therefore perfect for children or athletes. Drunk fresh and diluted in water is a refreshing drink. The plain juice can be used also as a topping for cakes and ice-creams, the gravy can be used to dress game or boar recipes.


  •     Blend: Sangiovese 100%                  
  •     Production area: Carignano di Fano
  •     Type of soil: tufaceous
  •     Training system: Spurred cordon
  •     Exposure: South-East
  •     Yield: 8-10 tons per hectare (3 kg each vine)
  •     Harvesting method: hand-picking into crates
  •     Vinification: destemming–crushing of the bunches, decanting of free-run must in steel barrel for one night at controlled temperature to prevent fermentation to start, pasteurisation and manual bottling.
  •     Alcohol content: 0 % vol.



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Cantina: 0721.885627 - Punto Vendita: 0721.866212
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